Drammen Camping gives you the option of several outings and is a natural starting point for any experience, whether it's concerts in the city, games at Marienlyst stadium, fishing in the Drammen river or cycling in the Drammen Ski Centre. There options are many and varied. 


Drammen Ski center and trail cycling:

The ski center has been very successful with its summer opening and lets you into the slopes in just a few minutes.

The hill course is used for the tough ones who appreciate adrenaline, speed and fun with a bike. For those who enjoy forest and fishing trips, Drammensmarka offers many beautiful waters with lots of pretty trout!

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The trip up the unique tunnel system in the center of Drammen showcases history's spectacular engineering feats. At the top of the spiral, you have a great view of the river town and several opportunities for great walking and cycling tours into the countryside.



Drammen can offer so many great fishing trips in the immediate vicinity of the center for peaceful field fishing. The river Drammenselva offers everything from adventurous salmon fishing to pikeperch and perch, while Finnemarka offers beautiful scenery and magnificent brown trout fishing for young and old. There is a lot of information, but the guys behind Etter Ørret can contribute more tips about nearby fishing opportunities! You can find them on Facebook.



Bustling life in the city centre, with concerts, restaurants, sports bars, Marienlyst stadium, Strømsgodset and much, much more.


Gulskogen Gård:
Gulskogen farm is a rare historic "lysthus" from the end of the 18th century.
Peter Nicolai and Anne Cathrine (née Collett) Arbo bought the farm in 1793 and rebuilt it into a classic country villa based on Anglo-Danish models and the property was developed into a landscape park.

The main building has been preserved and the furniture is intact from the time of the Arbo family.
The park has also been preserved as it was laid out at the beginning of the 19th century with nut groves, ponds and parterres. There is a linden alley, 265 meters long, at the bottom of the park that runs parallel to the river. The park can also offer Norway's only preserved labyrinth of linden trees.


The Kjøsterudjuvet at Åssiden in Drammen is 1,300 meters long with walls up to 50 meters high. The width of the gorge is approximately 8 to 15 metres. The geologists believe that the meltwater from glaciers has penetrated the loose masses and created the gorge for approx. 10,000 years ago. Walking up through the gorge is both exciting and spectacular. Take your fishing rod with you and finish the trip with trout fishing at the top of the gorge at Gamledammen.

For more information, go to UT.no and get more suggestions for trips in our local area.


Strømsgodset - Marienlyst:

Follow Godset on old grass or the opponents' battle for the tipping league gold. We ourselves are eagerly following the home team's efforts and morale on the way to another exciting year!

For more information go to Strømsgoset's own website.